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The colourful 90s

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Colourful clothes, crazy hairstyles and punk music. These were all things that made the 90’s what they were back then. Come and dive into the amazing and diverse world of funny games, romcoms and action movies, artists like Nirvana and Destiny’s Child and so much more.


The fashion of the 90’s varied a lot. Some people wore tracksuits and other people wore really dark clothes with loads of accessories. These just showed the two extremes that the 90’s brought with them. One was people wearing colourful clothes, often layering their clothes with a spaghetti top and a t-shirt underneath. The other style was mostly prevalent in the alternative genre, where people dressed punk like and goth like, with a lot of dark clothing and heavy makeup.

90s fashion

Artists & Music

In the 90’s the artists also varied a lot. On one hand pop artists like the backstreet boys, destiny’s child and  take that were extremely popular but on the other hand there were a bunch of artists like Nirvana, Metallica and Green Day that were bands that were more in the alternative genre. The popular artists of that time also really reflect the popular music of that decade.


As the CGI technology kept advancing the movies needing said technology became more and more

common. Movies like Jurassic Park and Terminator 2 but also Titanic were big Movies in the 90’s and in them you could see a big difference from the CGI technology in the years before them. Another big movie genre in the 90’s were romance  movies like ghost or as already mentioned the titanic. Besides the movies cartoons were also really famous.


The games we know today really started developing in the 90’s. Games like Sonic the hedgehog, Super Mario and Zelda really started off in the 90’s.


Everyone loves candy, so did the people 30 years ago. No matter if it was sour or sweet, chewy or crunchy people loved candy.

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